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DB515 – Paramount Model Directory Sign
The Paramount Directory is the latest addition to the SignLink family of directory models. It is a derivation of the Avant Grade model. It has a thin slimline appearance but at the same time, very strong.
DB510 | Avant Garde Model | Directory Signs
This super slim model has a square edged frame that is 6.5mm thick. It is best suited for small directories in high pedestrian traffic locations.
DB520 – Displaymax Model | Directory Signs
Is very similar in appearance to the Avant Garde, however it is 12mm thick. It has a significantly stronger frame which is connected together with corner stakes.
DB530 – Grandeur Model | Directory Signs
This model has a square edge 17mm thick. It has a very robust frame which is connected with double corner stakes in each corner. The frame has an internal box section for added strength.
DB550 – Panache | Directory Sign
This model has a petite 7mm wide radius edge creating a slightly different visual effect which is very appealing.
DB560 – Portfolio | Directory Sign
Has a pronounced outer frame. It incorporates a 5mm recessed stripe which can be paint filled or laminated with vinyl. Frame is very robust with double corner stakes in each corner.
DB570 – Panorama | Directory Signs
Has a removable door which fits inside the Panorama frame. The door offers increased level of security for the panels. The shape of the frame is similar to the Panache.