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Code: DP100-SEC

As the name implies, this model is a security door plate. All sides of the sign are fully enclosed which results in the face plate not being able to be readily removed by unauthorised persons. This model has been specifically developed for Universities where security is a significant issue. All the different models listed below are available in the security format with the proviso that 42mm high is the minimum height. The face plate simply plugs into the sign body in a front loading position. It is removed by means of a suction cap.

Door plates available with security trim are:

Single line door plates    (DP100S-SEC)
Multiple line door plates (DP100-M-SEC)
Door plate with slider     (DP100-SP-SEC)
Paper insert plates           (DP100-PI-SEC)
Door plates which accepts engraving laminates (DP100-EL-SEC)
Combination of the different types


Category - Door Plates Security

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DP100-S – Dernier Series Door Plate
This model is an interchangeable door sign. It has no visible fixings and appears as a slimline plate
Dernier Door Plate With Slider DP100-SP
This model has an aluminium plate which cover half the sign face. The plate slides left or right, enabling the sign to display different messages
Dernier Door Plate To Suit Engraving Laminate DP100-EL
This model is designed to accept an engraving laminate faceplate. Often used in schools or situations where lettering may be suseptible to vandalism.
Combination Door Plate With Slider DP100-CSP
This model is a combination of the standard door plate and the door plate with slider
Combination Plate With Paper Insert DP100-CPI
This model is a combination of the standard door plate and the paper Insert plate