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The ceiling suspended and projecting sign range consists of two models for each sign type, the CS300 series suspended and projecting sign and the Hallmark suspended and projecting sign types. The signs have been designed to give maximum flexibility in terms of sign sizes and the sign face material.

The CS300 in the base model. It has been designed to cope with the smaller sizes. They are comprised of four outer frames which screw together to form single or multiple planks. The face plates are generally 1.2mm thick SNA aluminium, however they accept any sheet material up to 2.4mm thick. The sign faces slide into a mounting groove within the sign frames.

The projecting CS300 signs are supplied in a knock down kit form.
The suspended CS300 signs are supplied assembled complete with aluminium cable mount fittings. They can also be supplied without sign faces in a kit form. Standard finish for the CS300 frames is SNA.

The Hallmark model is considerably more robust. All joints are mechanically connected with no visible fixings. The signs can be set up with either permanent or interchangeable faces. The Hallmark series come can accommodate a wider range of sign sheet face material up to 4mm thick. We generally supply the signs with SNA aluminium faces at 1.2mm thick. The Hallmark model can be set up with multiple interchangeable face panels within the same sign. Standard finish for the Hallmark sign is SNA or powder-coated Pearl White.

Both the CS300 and Hallmark ceiling suspended signs can be supplied with rigid rods for ceiling suspension



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