Wall Signs

Product Categories
Avant Garde Wall panel
The Avant Garde model is a market leader – it has been widely used in a whole range of building types
Displaymax Wall Panel
The Displaymax wall panel is the next model up the product range from the Avant Garde model
Grandeur Wall Panel
The Grandeur wall panel is designed for the larger range of wall panels.
Portfolio Wall Panel
This model is the big brother of the Panorama model
Panache Wall Panel
This is a particularly handsome model which has a petite radius edge 7mm wide all round the sign.
Panorama Wall Panel
This model is suitable for very large signs. It is capable of spanning across building facias.
Alpha Wall Panel
This model has a slimline anodised aluminium frame which is mitre cut at the corners to fully surround the sign plate.
Outlook Wall Panel
This panel consists of two horizontal wall rails and a 1.2mm thick text plate. The text plate is secured by the two wall rails, and has 5mm returns enclosing the ends of the sign.