Poster Displays

Product Categories
Pivot Poster Display
The Avant Garde Pivot Poster is an attractive , functional display system. This slim line unit is only 6mm thick.
Dernier Poster Display
The dernier poster display is the latest addition to the SignLink range. It has a slim line design, is functional and very economical.
Avant Garde Poster Display
This very economical, slimline unit is only 6mm thick. It has a polycarbonate cover with a decorative screenprinted border
Alpha Poster Display
This model has a removeable top frame, which is secured by either screws or magnetic tape.
Displaymax Poster Display
This model has a square edge and is 12mm thick. It is best suited for sizes in the range of A2-AO.
Portfolio Poster Display
This model is the top of the range. It has the same features as the ‘Panorama’ model except that it has a pronounced outer frame which is a striking feature of the sign.
Panorama Poster Display
The extremely robust frame is well suited for internal/external applications
Panache Poster Display
This is a very attractive model with a petite 7mm radiused edge.It is perfect for high traffic areas.It shares the same cover as the other models.
Grandeur Poster Display
The Grandeur is supplied with a split batten mounting rail, this model is very similar in appearance to the ‘Displaymax’ except that it is 17mm thick. It is best suited to larger sizes.
Double-sided Grandeur Poster Display
This double-sided model can be suspended using stainless steel cable or rigid rods. Alternatively it can be mounted between two sign posts for free standing applications.
Infopanel Poster Display
The lnfopanel Poster Display is primarily used to mount posters which are laminated onto a display substrate (such as 3mm thick composite aluminium) which in turn mount into the sign bod