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Directory Signs and Wall Panel Signs

By May 5, 2023No Comments

Introducing the Signlink Directory & Wall Panel Ranges.

The Directories and Wall Panels are both the same product with the exception that the directories have multiple, interchangeable panels whereas wall panels have a single face plate which can be either permanent or interchangeable.

The SignLink range is comprised of eight models. Four of the models all have a slimline outer frame at 1mm thick, they all have the same appearance from a front elevation appearance. Three models have thicker frames with a variety of rounded edges which gives the customer considerable options to choose from. The range of eight models has been developed in order to offer signs, which can cope with the full scope of sizes ranging from small information directories through to the extremely large signs, which go from floor to ceiling and may take up a whole foyer wall, incorporating tenant panels, maps, logo panles and decorative panels such as coloured glass.

It also includes two models which can be fitted with protective doors, making them cabinet models. All models utilize the same componentry, which is front loading magnetic panels, cut from premium, colour guaranteed aluminium, in satin natural anodized silver. Custom painting is available on request. All models are suitable to be mounted in recesses.

Australian Made

These signs have all been developed by us over a 30 year period and are made at our factory at Peakhurst, Sydney. We carry all stock and offer a five day (or less) turnaround. We are not reliant on bringing in sign systems from overseas. The directories are fully customizable in terms of panel size, confirguration and overall size. We are not limited to a range of standard extrusion sizes. The only provision is that the minimum panel height is 21mm. This offers designers complete freedom to develop designs which meet clients’ specific requirments, rather than have to work woth a limited range of sizes. It also insures that we never run out of replacement parts.

Mechanical Fixing

All models except the Avant Garde (which is only suitable for small signs) have a split batten or mounting rail mechanism so that they can be mechanically fixed into place. All corner joints on all models, except the Benchmark and Avant Garde, have the corners mechanically connected. This guarantees that the corners will not open up over time and increase the strength of the frame significantly. All directories and wall panels are suitable to have digital prints laminated onto the front face of the panels and over laminated with a satin or matt clear overlaminate.

Panel Security

The product range has been used extensively throughout Australia and overseas and has been widely specified in Universities, Hospitals and Government buildings. Directory panels are very secure and can not be readily removed by unauthorised persons. This has been a major consideration for many Universities.


Feautres of Signlink Directories & Wall Panels.

Colour Consistency

Colour consistency of panels is a major consideration for all directory manufacturers. SignLink uses colour guaranteed sheet – NOVELIS J5 75. We bring these sheets in from Europe in order to ensure we deliver the highest quality possible. All anodisers in Australia are batch anodisers, meaning individual sheets are anodised one after the other for slightly different times, which results in minor variations of colour. These colour differences are noticable when panels are fitted together within a directory. Using colour guaranteed sheets enables us to deliver uniform surface finish from sheet to sheet which gives us the ability to supply replacement slats that will match existing slats.

We believe there is no substitute for quality.

Sign systems which utilize extruded aluminium panels also confront colour consistency issues as they are anodised in batch anodising plants resulting in a range of colour changes.

Digital Printing

All SignLink directories and wall panels are suitable to have digital print applied directly to the panels. Sign companies provide us with the print on polymeric vinyl. We manipulate the file and mount the vinyl over-laminate with a matt clear vinyl and cut the panel to size.

This process delivers higher quality outcomes than vinyl lettering at a significantly cheaper price. It also means that the fine detail such as logos in multi colour can be produced. The fine detail may not be feasible to do in vinyl and would be considerable more expensive.

Magnetic Componentry

These products utilise magnetic componentry, which makes them easy to operate whilst being very secure. Many systems rely on plastic end pieces which break or get lost over time. The Signlink system does not use componentry of this nature. The magnetic element is applied at the back of the panel for the full length of the panel, with the result that the magnetic performs so that it holds the panel firmly in place. There is no bowing or misalignment of panels. Systems which connect panels in place by using end pieces create a ‘bridge’ effect which can result in the panels dipping of bowing.

The magnetic mechanism means that all the panels are front loading which makes them user friendly and enables them to be located in positions where access to the sides is impeded. The signs are ideally suited to be mounted in recesses where existing dilapidated signs are being replaced. We also offer heavy duty magnetic which is 2mm thick. This is recommended for situations which are external or subject to high levels of interference.

Custom Built

The SignLink directory and wall panels are fully customisable in terms of the individual panel size, configurations and overall size. They offer the client the freedom to develop a design which suits the clients requirements, rather than being forced to work within a set of standard size panels. The only provision is that the minimum panel height is 21mm high. The system allows flexibility regarding the panel material. The standard material is satin finish anodised aluminium panels, however, the panels could be stainless steel or any sheet of material up to 3mm thick.

SignLink has developed custom jigging which enables us to maintain extremely tight tollerances well beyond the capabilities of computer controlled guillotines. Accurate panel sizes are critical to the functionality of the sign. The panels all fit into the sign frame with a snug fit eliminating the gaps between panels. We work to a tolerance of +nought to -0.1mm. All panels fit with a discreet hairline joint with no edges exposed. The ability to maintain such tight tolerances is vital for ongoing maintenance and servicing of the sign we supply to the market.

Signlink Directory Board

Architectural Specifications

SignLink directories are comprised of two elements – frame and interchangeable panels.

Sign Frame Specifications

Avant Garde Model DB510

The Avant Garde model is 6mm deep with a square edge and the frame profile being 1mm thick. It has a signwhite backplate onto which magnetic panels mount. Standard frame finish is set in natural anodised. Fixing is by double sided tape and silicon or screw fixing through frame.

Paramount Model DB515

This model is 8mm deep with a square edge with the frame profile being 1.5mm thick. The sign frame has a fixing channel into which a wall rail mounts. This model has corner stakes, which make the frame very robust as all corners are mechanically fixed together. Standard finish is either satin natural anodised silver or satin black anodised.

DB530 Grandeur Directory

This model has a frame profile of having a square edge with a 17mm deep side and a 1.2mm thick front visible edge. This model is very robust with each corner being mechanically connected with two corner stakes. The sign backplate is signwhite. It is mounted on the wall utilizing the SignLink heavy duty split batten, which mounts into a recess at the back of the sign. Alternatively it can be directly screwed to the wall through the internal box section within the frame.  Standard finish is SNA.